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What we do?

What HDS do with wallpaper

HDS uses wallpaper and soft furnishings to transform your property into something to be really proud of.

Your friends, family and customers wont stop talking about it.

We work with…

Home owners



Shop keepers

Corporate clients

and more!

Our interior design skills and high quality products ensure that you experience that all important “Wow” moment.

It’s great to see that reaction!

Why we use wallpaper products?

We support the tourism and hospitality industry, helping architects, interior designers and the overall construction industry.

It is sad to hear people talk negatively about the quality of our accommodation here in the Southern African Development Community.

It is with the above concerns that we decided to put our resources together to take the necessary steps to change this sorry state of affairs and make the dream of beautifully decorated properties a reality.

Wallpaper will play a major role in improving our lodges and hotel accommodation.

Tourists will not be able to stop themselves from recommending others to our beloved countries as great tourism destinations.

It has already started!